How to unicycle

How to unicycle

Warning. This skill will take practice and may lead to injuries. You will need a helmet.

This is the unicycle. We will start out by identifying the parts. Going from top to bottom, the seat, the seat post, the fork, the cranks and connected to those are the pedals.

Take your unicycle and find something that is sturdy to help you mount. Lamp posts works well for me but you can experiment!

Turn the pedals to make them parallel to the ground.

Put your hand on the sturdy object to help you get on top of the unicycle. Once settled get on the seat. Put one foot on the pedal closest to you.

Push down on the pedal. You should find yourself going up and your other foot at the top. Use the object in back to help balance out.

Push off of the object and use your arms as much as possible for balance. Keep on pedaling and don't get scared and stop. The less you pedal the more likely you will fall.

This skill will take practice. When it gets hard do not get discouraged and keep on riding!

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