How to make a homemade acai bowl

How to make a homemade acai bowl

The acai bowl is a breakfast that is not only delicious, but healthy too! They can be very extravagant like the one shown in the picture, but I will show you how to make a much easier an simpler one!

Gather your ingredients: Acai berry smoothie packs (found at Costco), bananas, frozen strawberries, rice milk, and granola. Optional ingredients include honey, raisins, or other fruits you enjoy!

It's VERY important that the acai packet(s) don't melt! If it does, it can cause the acai bowl to be very watery. Try to keep these relatively frozen so the end product is nice and thick.

You don't have to use rice milk. Any liquid is okay! You can use milk, water, coconut water, orange juice, even apple juice if you'd like! It's a personal preference which liquid you'd like to use.

Get your blender. Any blender works really. If it spins and chops up food your good to go!

This is optional, but if you would like, you can run the strawberries under water to thaw them just enough until the outside is a little soft. If it's too hard, it may dull your blender's blades. :(

The size of the banana determines how much of it your going to cut. This banana is relatively small so I just cut it in half. Save the other half so it can be used later.

Throw your ingredients into the blender! The strawberries were kind of big. I decided to only use two. The quantity of liquid you use can be measured by eye. The amount in the picture is pretty good.

The amount of each ingredient is again, a personal preference. If you like your acai bowls mellow, add a little more bananas. If you like them a little tangy, add some more strawberries!

Blend everything together!!! Try to get rid of any chunks to make it very creamy and smooth.

Pour out the mixture into a bowl and spread it around so it fills the bowl evenly.

Take the second half of the banana you cut before and slice it!

Take your granola and add as much as you would like into your acai bowl.

Take the sliced bananas and place them decoratively around the bowl to make it look nice and pretty. Congrats! You just made your very own homemade acai bowl!

Watch the video: HOW TO MAKE A HOMEMADE ACAI BOWL (January 2022).