How to strap an ankle

How to strap an ankle

Begin with a simple anchor. Remember the ankle is not a perfect cylinder.

Start your 1st of three stirrups. Medial to lateral meaning inside of the ankle to the outside of the ankle.

Adding a horseshoe in between each stirrup. This is done to have better hold on the foot. Remembering again the ankle is not a perfect cylinder shape.

Start your 2nd stirrup. Medial to lateral

Complete your 2nd horseshoe. Doing this half over the first horseshoe.

Complete your 3rd and last stirrup.

Complete your 3rd and final horseshoe.

Now begin to do a figure 6 shape. Medial to lateral

Do another figure 6 media to lateral. Half way over the first.

Complete a figure 6 shape, lateral to medial.

Complete the last step again.

Then anchor it all off. And there's your strapped ankle

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