How to renew your old bangle!;)

How to renew your old bangle!;)

Do you usually have some old bangles or accessories that was broken or not trendy enough to wear?Haha, be creative, and you can transform them into a new and cute accessories that you love!

Supplies!! And i put the blings into this pic, just rmb to prepare the blings as well! >__<

First, make a little bow. This is simple and easy. First, cut the ribbon into a short length which will fit ur bangle, then fold it like what i did, and use glue gun to secure the back of the bow.

Next,prepare a thinner ribbon( cut the original one in half). Then, fold the bow in half horizontally and secure it, and put the thin ribbon on the middle of it and glue it in place.

Da!! See how cute the little bow is!! Then, glue the bow onto the bangle!;)

Next, we hv to glue the blings onto the bangle.

Use the glue to locate where you want to place the blings, like so.

Then, press the blings onto the glue one by one. And set the bangle aside until the glue drys, around 1-2 hrs :)

And yay!!! Your are done! Now, you have a new bangle to wear!! Hope u enjoy this guide! Thanks

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Watch the video: Renew old bangle (August 2021).