How to assemble a skateboard or longboard

How to assemble a skateboard or longboard

This is your skateboard/longboard deck. Some come with the grip tape applied out of the box. Others require that you purchase and apply your own. Most skate shops will do this for you.

These are your screws and bolts. Eight (8) of each to be exact. I recommend a 1.25" length. Shorter screws may not fit every deck and longer screws will have too much excess if no risers are added.

Place the bolts through the eight (8) holes already drilled in the board. There are four (4) of these holes on each end of the deck. The screw's head should be facing up.

These are your truck parts from left to right: Baseplate, Kingpin, Kingpin nut, Hanger, (second row) Barrel bushing, Large washer, Cone Bushing, small washer, Axle nuts.

Place the baseplates facing outwards (as shown) and use the bolts to fasten it tightly. Loose screws will rattle and may come off. Remember to mount both baseplates, one on each side of the deck.

Observe the order in which the bushings and washers are placed along the kingpin. Left to right: Kingpin nut, large washer, barrel bushing, (hanger goes between bushings), cone bushing, small washer.

Place the hanger as shown. Notice that a hole runs through the base plate and lines up with a hole in the hanger. Your kingpin goes through this hole.

Shown in the picture is the fully assembled truck. Keep the kingpin and the pieces running along the kingpin tight to prevent damage to the components.

These are your wheel components from left to right: Wheel, two bearings, a bearing spacer (optional), two speed rings (small washers), and an axle nut. You should have four sets of these components.

The components are assembled in the following order along each of the four axle sections on the trucks with the axle facing outwards. The bearings and bearing spacer will remain inside the wheel.

The assembled wheel components should look like this. Be sure to tighten the axle nut enough so that the wheel wont move along the axle but loose enough that the wheel will spin freely.

Here is the fully assembled longboard/skateboard from the side.

Bottom view of the fully assembled longboard/skateboard.

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