How to create textured cloud nails

How to create textured cloud nails

Nail prep is always 1st! Start out by using some nail polish remover to cleanse your nails of any dirt, oils, or polish.

Next, continue your nail prep by filing, moisturizing, trimming, etc. Afterward, you may or may not choose to do a base coat for this design (this is my 1st time trying the Sugar Coat polish).

Here, I have the Sugar Coat in Razzleberry...a nice shade of blue. :). Perfect for our sky background.

Apply 2 coats of the Razzleberry. It gives off a pretty nice texture. Try doing just your thumb 1st to see how the design will turn out...

Next, take your white nail art polish.

This one has a nice thin & short brush. This is the type of brush you want for this makes drawing the clouds a lot easier. If you have your own set of brushes, you can you one of them too.

Take the white polish & slowly start the outline of the cloud. Make nice & round curves. Take your time!

Continue outlining your cloud until you have the shape & size you want. Don't worry about it being too perfect because you will outline it again later.

Next, fill in the rest of the cloud with white. You will see a nice textured cloud as well from the Sugar Coat.

Now, take your black polish.

Now it's time to outline again. Go back over the original outline of your cloud. Try to make the curves a bit more emphasized by sharpening the peaks. Again, take your time.

Continue on to the rest of your hand. Experiment with the shapes, sizes, & location.

If you cleaned up the polish along the way, great! If not, once finished both hands,time to clean them now.Don't worry about getting it all,the rest will come off after washing your hands a few times.

A close up view...

And that's it! Fun little clouds with some texture to it...I think the Sugar Coat gives the design a nice touch to the pun intended! ;)

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