How to make a simple leather credit card wallet

How to make a simple leather credit card wallet

Step 1: gather material - Get a piece of leather that’s big enough to fit the template on it. Get template from

Step 2: mark the template - Use an awl to mark the outline and where the holes will be.

Step 3: cut - Cut along the marks using a utility knife, scalpel or head knife.

Step 4: punch holes - Use a 3mm hole punch and mallet (or a rotary punch) and add the 8 holes needed for the credit card slots. Connect the holes by cutting between them.

Step 5: stitching line - With a wing divider, mark the line where the stitching will go

Step 6: stitch spacings - To make sure that your stitching is evenly spaced, use a stitching spacer to mark each stitch before you start sewing.

Step 8: sewing - Sew along the previously marked holes.

Step 9: cut threads - Cut the end of the threads.

Step 10: melt threads - Melt the end of the threads with a lighter.

Step 11: clean-up - Optionally, you can clean up the stitching with the stitching spacer.


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