How to add faster than your teacher

How to add faster than your teacher

The trick to adding faster than your teacher is to add from LEFT to RIGHT, instead of from RIGHT TO LEFT.

3+3 is 6 (hold 6 in your head). 6+6 is 12 (hold only the 2 in your head). 2+2 is 4 (Hold the 4). We have (6,2,4). Now, if any column adds to more than 10, ADD ONE to the left of it.

So 6,2,4 becomes 7,2,4. The answer is seven-hundred twenty-four!!

Oops! The first numbers add to more than 10! Well, just write it down (12). 4+5=(9). 6+6=12 (hold the 2). 7+7=14 (hold the 4). We have (12,9,2,4). Now start from the right to see who needs a +1.

If you noticed the 3rd column from the right turned the (9) into a (0) and the (12) got a +1. (12,9,2,4) becomes (13),(0),(3)(4). Answer: 13,034.

All of these 9s add up to 18. So the pattern is (18),(8),(8),(8),(8) And all except the rightmost column gets a +1. 199,998

One more!

The pattern is 8,8,8,8,8,8. None of them add to more than 10 so the answer is 888,888.

That's it! Now go show off your new skillz!

Tip: If you practice adding all numbers from 1-9 that pair to make 10, you will be able to do this much faster. (9+1=10) (8+2=10) (7+3=10) (6+4=10) (5+5=10). So what is (9+9)? Well it is 9+1+8 =(18)


Thank you Judi Borduin! Fit Brains Trainer looks like a good app for Cognitive Brain Training.

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