How to cook mozzarella and onion stuffed burgers

How to cook mozzarella and onion stuffed burgers

Turn the grill to high heat.

Gather your ingredients! (Ignore the coloring on the beef, it was frozen)

Slice 1/2 of an onion.

Measure out ~4 oz of beef and roll it into a ball.

Flatten the beef out. It should be a very thin layer of beef.

Put a slice of fresh mozzarella in the center.

Add slivers of the onion around the mozzarella.

Now fold the beef over the mozzarella and onion. If you can't completely cover it, add more beef to the top.

Ta-Da! A beautiful patty.

Season your burger if you like. I used McCormick steak seasoning. Now it's time to throw the burgers on the grill.

For these burgers, I would recommend cooking them to around med rare or medium so the cheese cooks. After about 4 mins, flip the patty. You can tell its ready because the sides are turning gray/brown.

Hmm. These guys are looking mighty tasty! Turn the heat to med high and cook for this side for ~5mins. If you wanted toasted buns, now would be a great time to start them.

Put on a hamburger bun and enjoy!

Yum! Now just add your favorite side and you have a super delicious and quick meal!

Watch the video: Bettys Cheese and Onion Stuffed Hamburgers (August 2021).