How to cook chicken fata فته الدجاج arabic food

How to cook chicken fata فته الدجاج arabic food

First cut some PETA bread and fry then in the oil to make the first level of the dish >>

3cup of yogurt and two glove if garlic and stir "secand step "

Chicken ; while boil it add 2 glove if garlic onion ,cienmon and two bay leaf for flavor after add two glove of garlic to 1/4 cup of vinegar iadd some hot jalapeño stir all together to look like pic

It's optional ,but give a nice touch to the dish just fry it to get the color in the pic

1 cup if basmati rice for cooking add two cups of water and let it boil until it dry them put the stove in low tem until it get cook take around 10-15 min max

Close look to the rice after getting cooked :)

Chicken soup to star make the layers >>

Put the PETA bread add some chicken soup and the the rice cover it with the yogurt topped with chicken and almond on the top ! Enjoy it healthy so yummy

Another look :) thanks for showing my guid check my other guides thanks

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