How to make qofta (meat balls) curry

How to make qofta (meat balls) curry

Fry onion until slightly brown. Add garlic and ginger ( freshly chopped ). Stir till further brown.

Make meat balls and broil for 3 minutes turning once

On medium heat add the partially cooked meat balls

Stir in the Qoftas and fry a little

Add spices

Add the spices

Stir continuously

Add the juice from the broiled qoftas

Add a little water

Chop tomatoes

Or grate tomatoes and discard skin

Add tomatoes to the sauce

Let it cook on medium - low heat until oil begins to come on the surface

Chop chilli pepper

Add chillis to the sauce

Add a glass of water

Simmer for 3 minutes on low

Add cilantro to garnish

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