How to grow lavender

How to grow lavender

Gather your supplies :)

Find a sunny, open (not crowded) area in your yard.

Use your shovel & dig a hole wide & deep enough to fit your Lav's roots in the ground and so your Lav sits even with the ground.

Da hole :)

Test it out! Make sure your plant roots are deep in the hole and your plant is sitting even with the ground.

Sprinkle pebbles into the hole.

Sprinkle sand into the hole.

Mix it all up with your hands to ensure your Lavender's home will be well drained.

Quick shot of my Lavender plant before finding her home :)

Place your Lavender plant into the hole.

Fill 'er in! Alternate adding soil, some pebbles and a little sand around the roots until the roots are covered.

Adding pebbles & sand to the soil before planting increases water drainage. Lavender does not like wet feet! (roots)

Now add water into the hole. Just enough to wet the roots and give you a tiny puddle around the plant.

Pat the dirt down with your hands and add a little more soil, making a mound around your Lavender baby.

Prevent weeds by surrounding her with sand and pebbles/small rocks. The sun will reflect light, keeping the plant dry and enhance your blooms.

Your Lavender will grow, she will soak up the sun. She will smell delicious and look magnificent.

She will attract bumble bees, butterflies and other good insects. Beneficial insects help balance your garden :)

Lavender thrives on neglect. Leave her alone and let her grow. Do not over water, and make sure the soil is dry before watering again.

Only water your Lavender if she's outside and there has been no rain for weeks.

SUMMER - Lavender flowers bloom in summer. By harvesting (cutting) both the unopened buds and open flowers throughout the season, she will continue to grow.

Those unopened Lavender buds and open flowers can be used to make a number of natural items for your home & family!

SRING - Prune (clip) her lightly in the spring once she shows new growth (green on the brown) to promote branching.

FALL - Prune 1/3rd of your plant each fall. Less is more. Pruning helps her grow full and rounded.

FALL- Feed her in the fall to make her stronger and more winter hardy. I add the food into my watering can and water the base of the plant.

HARVEST - When the flowers are just opening, she's at her color and fragrance peak. Cut the stems down to the foliage, early in the morning.

HARVEST - Gather the stems and rubberband them together. Turn them up-side-down, an hang in a hot, dark, dry location for drying. Allow to dry for about 2 weeks.

Before - my Lavender babies were planted :)

After - look at them grow!!!!

Herb gardening is my path to enlightenment. I hope you enjoyed this guide. Happy growing! Love your Lavender and she'll love you back!

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