How to learn a new language

How to learn a new language

An easy free way to learn a new language, right on your phone!

If you go to the app store and click categories, you will notice the category 'education'. Tap that. :)

Scroll down and tap the screen where it says 'education collections'. This has many fun and educating apps!

Tap 'foreign languages' :)

They have many apps you can choose from! French, Spanish, Chinese, etc!

There are some apps that are free and some that cost money. After downloading tons of free ones an trying them out, they make you buy a program to use with the app! Now thats not free :(

This is the best app by far! Its always free no matter how for you go, and in my opinion, the most fun one!

It comes with many different languages! I'm learning French :)

Many different levels and categories!

If you are more advanced, you can skip ahead by taking tests!

Easy ways to learn, including multiple choice.

Yay! :)

Another great feature of the app that helps guide the learning process.

Listen and type! This helps you understand pronunciation and use the language IN REAL LIFE! There are options to hear the language at normal speed, or at a slow speed. :)

That was my answer to the question.

Also gets different aspects of your brain working, by making you speak phrases out loud. This helps the memory process.

Gives you many tips and need to know information!

Lets you know specific details that you might be confused about!

Tells you when you are wrong, and what you need to fix!

Each level gives you a certain amount of hearts, and when you get an answer wrong you lose a heart! After losing all of them you must start over, and the questions are unique each time! :)

Usually I am not a fan of learning things from a screen, but this app is extremely interactive and has helped me so much! I highly recommend it to anyone learning a new language or going on vacation!

Thank-you for looking at my guide! I hope it helps you out a lot! :)

Watch the video: Steve Kaufmann: My Method for Learning Languages from Scratch (January 2022).