How to make compost

How to make compost

Choose something you can keep handy on the counter. Something with a cover.

After a year, we switched to this in house compost collector, still taking it out when full.

Throw in scraps from vegetables.

Every color.

All kinds of scraps, but NOT meat.

Egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags and small amounts of paper feed the compost pile.

Vegetables, leaves, small limbs, and sawdust are all ok in the compost pile.

We use this type to compost container, you can use an area in the dirt, a tumbling kind of compost container or even a trash barrel will work.

Vegetables, fruits, egg shells, paper, sawdust, tea bags, coffee grounds, grass clippings, and leaves compost well. Give it a stir with a shovel once a month. Water if too dry, like AZ.

Dump your fresh waste in and it quickly begins to rot into a great soil.

Throw the fresh garbage on top and it starts to rot fast, soon the level shrinks.

Fill your container with water to rinse.

Pour the water on the compost pile.

Put the lid back on top. Notice the aeration strips. You need scrap, air, and water to get the job done. There are great bugs who will go to work on your garbage to break it down.

We started last year and this is were we had the composter. We will grow great vegetables here this year.

This is that area. There were two rows of beets we harvested behind these tomato trees. I had just taken two handfuls of red tomatoes. GREAT SOIL!

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