How to cook modak

How to cook modak

These are called as "Ukadiche Modak" or steamed rice flour buns. These are made during Ganesh (elephant God) festival in India as an offering.

Combine coconut & jaggery and cook over a simmer for 10 mins. The jaggery should melt & combine with the coconut to make a sticky mixture. Put a pinch of cardamom at the end. The mixture is ready.

Simmer the water so that its warm.

Combine rice flour & warm water in the pan over a stove. It should form a sticky but not runny dough. You can add more water if needed. Cook for 5-7 mins. Stop the stove & cover the pan

Transfer the rice dough and knead it while its warm. U can dip your hand in cold water in between so that its not too hot to handle. Knead it in a such a way to form it in a nice soft dough.

Make lemon size balls out of the dough. Take each ball and start moulding it into a small cup. Pour a spoonful of the coconut jaggery mixture into the centre of the rice cup.

Steam them covered for about 10 mins

After steaming they look a bit translucent. They are ready to eat.

Eat them while they are hot. If you like savory stuff u can substitute the filling with any savory filling that you like. This is my first video on snap guide. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching

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