How to create a boutique hair bow

How to create a boutique hair bow


Cut two pieces of ribbon make sure they are the same length.

Keep the ribbon length between 8 and 12 inches. 8 to 9 for little girls. 9 and up for bigger girls.

One at a time fold in half and make a crease.

Put hot glue on one side of the crease

Fold over the side onto the glue. Do not go over the crease line.Do it to the other side and then repeat on the other ribbon.

Should have something like this.

Cut 5 inches of ribbon

Cut 3/8 inch piece of ribbon,heat seal.BE CAREFUL!

Cut another piece of 3/8 ribbon, heat seal

Know you have a boutique hair bow!

Watch the video: DIY How i make Bow Scrunchie Ribbon Stuffed with fiberfill. #5 (October 2021).