How to cook breakfast wrap toasties

How to cook breakfast wrap toasties

Ingredients, plus your choice of wraps - Nutella is an optional extra I like to add for a chocolate fix. Adding cinnamon to the ricotta, banana & honey also makes for a delicious flavor upgrade!

Heat a large pan with the tablespoon of coconut oil. This recipe makes two wraps but feel free to add more oil if you increase the quantity you want to make.

Lay down your wrap. I use Rye Mountain Bread, which is nice and thin and rolls up easily. Place ricotta along one edge, amount to your liking. Top with sliced banana in a line, and drizzle with honey.

Roll up the wrap (the sliced banana creates an easy fold point that guides you), and place seam-side down in the pan; after a few minutes turn over. The seam is sealed and the wrap slightly golden.

Remove wraps from pan and allow to cool briefly - just enough so you can hold onto them as you cut in half without burning your fingers.

The wraps end up crispy on the outside & warm and delicious inside. I added Nutella to this one, it melts deliciously. If using Nutella, add to the left of the wrap, ricotta to the right in step 3.

And that's it! Quick, easy & deliciously! Feel free to experiment with other filling options for these wraps and let me know of any winning combinations you come up with.

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