How to make framed cutout room decorations

How to make framed cutout room decorations

Start with your coloured piece of paper and draw or trace any shape you like. I am just doing a simple heart. Some other ideas are butterflies bows and flowers.

Cut out your shape. Only cut where the shape was drawn, not around it.

Measure your cutout on the book you will be photocopying to make sure that it is big enough. Photo copy the page. I am using an Italian text book because the text fits well.

Put glue around the edge of the shape.

Line up the shape to the book photocopy.

Stick it down and smooth out the edges.

Grab your frame and measure that it will fit.

Trace around the frame onto your shape IN PENCIL so you can rub it out later.

Cut it our roughly around the edge leaving a couple centimetres.

Pop it into the frame and you are done!

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