How to thread a sewing machine

How to thread a sewing machine

Pull thread spool pin up.

Place thread on spool pin so thread is turning clockwise.

Pull the thread to the left and lay the thread in the "U" shape of the metal groove.

Pull thread through opening toward bottom of machine.

Pull thread around and BEHIND tension wheel...up the opening on the left.

View from the top. Bring thread up to the top of opening. Turn the hand wheel towards you to make sure the "hook" (thread take up lever) is raised to the highest position.

Move the thread right..... left to wind the thread around the thread take up lever (hook).

Bring thread back down the same opening on the left towards needle.

Hook the thread around the needle hook by reaching around the back left of the needle.

This will help ensure the thread stays put.

Place the thread through the eye of the needle from front to back.

Be sure the thread is not tangled or wrapping around the needle.

Lower threading: remove the extension table.

If the machine has a door covering the bobbin area, flip it down.

This is the bobbin case which holds the bobbin thread. Take care NOT to touch the black levers on either side of the bobbin area.

Remove the bobbin case by pulling the bobbin latch towards you.

The bobbin containing thread will fit into the opening of the bobbin case.

Hold the bobbin so the thread is winding clockwise (to the right) as it faces you.

Place the bobbin into the bobbin case.

Slip the thread into the notch that is close to the bobbin screw.

Continue sliding the thread under the silver plate on top of the bobbin case.

You'll hear a "click" when the thread makes it under the silver plate.

Replace bobbin case w/thread into machine by holding latch open. The bobbin case "finger" snaps into the notch at the top of the bobbin case area. Ensure the bobbin case will not move right or left.

Pull the bobbin thread up through the needle plate as follows: 1). hold the upper thread with your left hand.

2) turn the hand wheel towards you.

Continue slowly turning the hand wheel. When the lower thread appears through the needle plate on top of the machine, pull the rest of the bobbin thread through until all thread is on top of machine.

Here, the machine has been threaded with both the upper and lower threads.

Before you sew, always place both threads under the presser foot so they are going towards the back of the machine.

Watch the video: Singer sewing machine loading and threading (January 2022).