How to make potato & root veggie gratin

How to make potato & root veggie gratin

Cut your veggies. If you wish to prepare the gratin by cutting the veggies earlier, pour som water onto the sliced potatoes/ root veggies to keep them from getting brown.

Here we have the peeled and sliced potatoes.

Peel the turnip.

Like so.

Cut it any way you like, and place the pieces in a bowl.

Peel the celery root. I cut it the same way as the turnip but do as you like.

Add it to the bowl with the turnip.

Add the chopped parsnip and the carrot(s). Then blend the veggies, preferably with your hands.

I needed a bigger bowl to fit everything.

Now we add the spices; thyme, freshly grated nutmeg and the garlic cloves.

We also add salt & pepper. Stir again.

And milk and cream.

And half of the grated cheese. Pick a flavorful cheese to get the most out of this dish. Stir again.

We now pour the mix into an oven dish. If you prefer more layers, use a smaller dish.

We then add the rest of the cheese..

Like so. Cook in oven for about 45-50 minutes at 225 degrees C.

It's ready and it smells wonderful! Serve to a minute steak, or chicken, or a nice grilled piece of meat...


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