How to create your own christmas candle cover

How to create your own christmas candle cover

Blow up a balloon to desired size. Then i tied up the end to make it well rounded

Tie up your yarn, wool or string on the end of the balloon

Wrap it around the balloon

When your happy with the opacity tie up the end of the string

Then put one in a container to avoid mess and pour craft glue on the ball and dab, until all is covered.

Hamg to dry for 24 hours depending on the glue

My balloons deflated in the sun:( so they seem a little warped but ill give it another go... But wjat you do next is pop open the balloons and stretch it out the top

I then cut out a hole from the bottom with scissors

And made sure the candle fits

Pop yur candle in and your done... I reccomend usingglue tht is heat risistant or using a battery powered candle. Maybe even make a few and stick to christmas lights or party lights! Enjoy :)

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